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Shif2Green provides the tools and resources your organization needs to engage today's media driven learners. We help you demonstrate your cultural commitment to education in a way that supports and strengthens methods for generating local initiatives and success through solutions that are modular and scalable to suit your organizations unique DNA as it relates to budget and infrastucture.

What can we do to help our children thrive?

The question presents many challenges and more than a few folks have discovered that technology alone will not boost test scores. There is a much bigger picture. The IDEALClassroom calls for unprecedented collaboration, conscious design and technological innovation. 

Technology remains a driving force that supports new teaching and learning initiatives and  we work with stakeholders to design and implement technology rich, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient learning environments that support collaboration and innovation on-site and on-line.

The IDEALClassroom, is a 21st Century Community Center that serves as a glimpse into the future of teaching and learning with the mission of raising awareness to technological, energy & environmental innovations.
These state of the art sustainable facilities showcase the latest in interactive and communication technologies and how community services and after school programs are benefitting by being better equipped to engage today's media driven learners.
The IDEALClassroomCommunity Learning Centers employ numerous innovations that serve as a learning laboratory for community stakeholders, who then become messengers for sustainability in education, in energy, and in the environment.
The IDEALClassroomshows communities what they need to take action and lead the way towards cleaner, safer & healthier communities. Members participate in programs and services developed in partnership with content experts for sustainability to enhance teaching and learning and develop the skills necessary to compete in today’s digital and global economy.
On-line and off-line, our learning communities are making a difference.
The IDEALClassroom™  Where communities gather.