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Rules for Engagement



The rules for engagement are simple. 

Be Open. Be Authentic. Be Accountable.

Shift2Green community members are dedicated to leading their communities into the future of teaching and learning.  All are willing participants in their own learning, each contributing to the experience of what itís like to be a digital native and global citizen.

Being part of 
Shift2Green is a privilege sought out by educators, parents, students, community leaders, businesses and social service agencies, working in harmony to accomplish more than they could alone. Our members use our platform and framework to access and deliver meaningful relevant content, reach a wider audience to support the shift towards a sustainable future.

The Turn - A Fable Created for the Harwood Institute
This movie encourages us to stop focusing on meetings and memos, and to do good by looking outward and creating positive change in our communities.

The Turn: A Fable from Harwood Institute on Vimeo.

ImageThe 3A's of Public Life

This links to a collection of videos about many of the key Harwood ideas, frameworks and principles. These videos are really helpful to those looking for an introduction to some of the the ideas and framework that inspire our work and serve as valuable resources for helping to share these ideas with others in your community or organization.


There is an important relationship between what you say and do publicly and your ability to create real and lasting change in your community. Too many times, our words and actions don't match up.  Do yours?