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According to future indicators, our radically different world, our new global society calls for new learning roles in our businesses, and in our schools.  At Shift2Green we're developing these new learning roles to prepare for the future of teaching and learning.

Discover what role you’ll play and let the journey begin.

New Learning Agents

Learning Fitness Instructor.Learning fitness instructors will help learners build and strengthen the basic cognitive, emotional, and social abilities essential to learning by using simulations, biofeedback, and hands-on activities to reduce stress, hone mental capabilities, and learn brain-friendly nutrition. 

Personal Education Advisor
. Assigned by certified local education agencies, such as schools, resource centers, and libraries, or selected and contracted by families, personal education advisors help families create, nurture, and maintain personal learning ecologies.

Community Intelligence Cartographer
: Community intelligence cartographers will tap the collective intelligence of their local communities. They will leverage social networking strategies to develop swarms and smart mobs in order to identify emerging learning opportunities in the community, organize community members, and locate community resources.

Education Sousveyor
. Education sousveyors will keep the learning process transparent and will stimulate public discussion around it. Through mechanisms such as blog posts, pictures, podcasts, and videos, they will keep learning on the forefront of stakeholders’ minds.

Social Capital Platform Developer
. Social capital platform developers will link the social capital infrastructure to teaching and learning practices and outcomes. They will use tracking programs to provide an accounting of people’s contributions to open education resources and collaborative processes.

Learning Partner
. Students who test for compatible personalities but who have different cognitive strengths will be matched to support each other throughout the year, maintaining a constant thread amid shifting peer relationships.

Learning Journey Mentor
. Learning journey mentors will work with personal education advisors, learning fitness instructors, community intelligence cartographers, and assessment designers to co-create and navigate learning itineraries with small groups of students.

Assessment Designer
. Using social networks and insights into cognitive functioning, assessment designers will create appropriate methods for evaluating media literacy, learning discovery journeys, and other innovative forms of instruction.

Source:KnowledgeWorks Foundation - 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning