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Sound the Alarm

Posted by Administrator on 11/9/2013 to Welcome
Along with the Healthy Child Organization we're working to help parents wake up to the risks of toxic chemicals all around them and now they're sounding the alarm to wake up their friends, neighbors, and communities.

Watch to learn how others are sounding the alarm. What will you do?

Stand up to Big Food

Posted by Administrator on 10/26/2013 to Make a Difference
Children need healthy food, not hyped junk food. Tell manufacturers to market healthier food to kids. Take Action

Corporate Charlatans vs. Organic Heroes

Posted by Administrator on 10/4/2012 to In the News
Check out this revealing infographic from the Cornicopia Institute on Proposition 37, the Right to Know / Label Genetically Engineered Food Act, and see who's on which side of the debate. 

Red Alert - FDA Set to Ban Your Supplements!

Posted by Administrator on 9/14/2011 to Make a Difference
The FDA has issued a proposed mandate that represents the greatest threat to dietary supplements since 1994. Back in the early 1990s, consumers were so alarmed by FDA bullying that they staged a massive revolt. The result was that Congress passed a law prohibiting the FDA from banning popular nutrients (as the agency had threatened to do).

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Shift2Green captures observations and experiences on products and services focused on sustainability, including but not limited to health and wellness, environmental pollution, community engagement, social activism, future technologies, and more.

We look forward to your input on issues that are shaping our future and how we can work together to live sustainably.

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