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How it Works
Our fundraising experts look forward to creating a personalized fundraiser that will help you meet your specific goals.  We will work hard to make your fundraisers successful.

How Does It Work? (Download Intro)

Shift2Green understands that each fundraiser is unique and we are dedicated to accommodating your fundraising needs.  We have developed three successful methods to get you started.

Pre-Order Method. Choose a Shift2Green product and order before your fundraiser begins.  Pre-ordering product lets students and organizations show off product features, durability, colors, sizes, and more to potential buyers/donators.  This method allows your donors to receive their product immediately. 

Order Form Method.
  Print our order form to take orders for the duration of your fundraiser.  Direct your donors to the Shift2Green website. Once your order forms are complete, enter your orders online or scan and send to Shift2Green for processing. 

Web Partner. Shift2Green will provide you with all you need to be able to track the sales you originate. You simply copy and paste the code we supply into your website, and with our easy to use interface, you will get notification immediately when an order has been approved.  We also make it easy for you to manage your fundraisers on-line or off-line with program flyers, parent letters, press releases, emails and more to make sure your fundraisers are a success.

Incentives. Use promotional products to increase your business and show you care with co-branded products that good for you and good for the planet.  Use our promotional line to find new customers and inspire repeat business from current customers. Give out promotional items with your logo and contact information to keep you business on peoples minds.  Unlike flyers,  people will hold on to your promotional products for years to come and recognize your efforts to support the shift towards a brighter future using products reduce our environmental impact. With "green" products showcasing your logo, you'll make a lasting impression and increase business.
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Our programs are IDEAL for schools, sports teams, athletic clubs, church groups, synagogues, day care centers, girl scout troops, boy scout troops, camps, and community organizations interested in simplifying fund-raising, improving and extending communications to reach a wider-audience.

"Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving." ~ Hank Rosso