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Ready to Eat Meals on the Go

Posted by S.R. Chiakas on 4/1/2015 to Fundraising

GOPICNIC’s Healthy Breakfast, Lunch & Snack packs! 

Finally!  A pre-packaged, “to go” option for a snack or lunch to feel good about!  Kid-friendly and adult appealing that’s good for you!  From the minute you see the checker board pattern on the box, until the last bite, it’s truly a picnic! I was pleasantly surprised and you will be too! 

It starts by opening like a picnic basket…the lid flips open to reveal the checker board tablecloth on the inside with little fun “bytes” of information to feed your intellect, neat individually packaged foods satisfying your “buds” with an assortment of textures and tastes from a little bit of sweet and savory, to chewy soft and crunchy. It’s eye appealing too as all the colors of the rainbow are represented throughout. 

These goods are tasty and filling for young and old alike!  I tried the Hummus and Crackers!  I truly enjoyed every item in my picnic basket and it took care of my hunger as well as my munchies!  My middle schooler is delighted to find them in her backpack!   I’m feeling good about this “take it with you” snack! 

Bonus.  Shift2Green continues to provide unique fundraisers that support a healthier lifestyle and a clean energy future. Start your healthy fundraiser today and earn much needed funds for your school, club or charity of your choice.  Now that's worth another bite!

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