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Fundraising Partners

Check out our "Green" fundraising partners and commit to making a difference in your community!

Chicago Textile Recycling: Host a clothing drive and recycle used clothing, to keep it out of the landfill and easily raise money for your organization. CTR provides easy fundraising opportunity's for churches, charities, synagogues, schools, boy scout troops, girl scout troops, athletic clubs or community organizations. CTR will help you to create this easy project to benefit your organization with no financial obligation on your part.

Climate Cycle  
Climate Cycle, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 2008 out of a concern that today's youth lacked the tools necessary to respond to global warming or benefit from the emerging green economy. Today, Climate Cycle leads the charge in catalyzing environmental education in the classroom and in our communities by developing young leaders in sustainability.

Fresh and Healthy Become a Healthy Choice Advocate with healthy choices made easy and earn money for your organization!. By putting a Fresh Healthy Vending machine in your location, you empower consumers to make healthy choices that are convenient, too. The United States is facing a junk food epidemic. 1 in 3 American adults is obese and childhood obesity has doubled in the past 20 years. We all rely on those quick, convenient snacks from the vending machine to get us through the day. Were always on the go and the temptation is too much to resist.

Elgin Recycling. Funds raised through recycling efforts let individuals, organizations, and companies give their old phones a new life on the front lines of global health, reduce hazardous waste and raise funds to expand recycling initiatives in our communities.  If we can recycle just 1% of disposed phones each year, we can outfit 1 million health workers, improving the lives of 50 million people through Hope Phones.

Million Tree Project.  Shift2Green and the Des Plaines Park District comes together in April each year to celebrate Earth Day. In partnership with Living Lands & Seas, we give away over 100 1-5 Year old Oak saplings enhance the watershed by planting native trees and removing invasive plants. MTP collects and plants acorns with the goal of growing one million trees. After two to three growing seasons, the trees are harvested and replanted within towns and cities that have joined in our efforts.

Re-Mag is a recycling program that encourages consumers to recycle magazines and newspapers at kiosks in leading supermarkets and bookstores across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It helps the environment, saves money and consumers are rewarded with instant coupons and a donation to their favorite charity or school district.