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Sound the Alarm

Posted by Administrator on 11/9/2013 to Welcome
Along with the Healthy Child Organization we're working to help parents wake up to the risks of toxic chemicals all around them and now they're sounding the alarm to wake up their friends, neighbors, and communities.

Watch to learn how others are sounding the alarm. What will you do?

Using Magnets for Health

Posted by Change Agent on 10/19/2013 to Electromagnetic Pollution


by Brenda High

Magnetics in general have been used for centuries and many people are beginning to give personal and incredible testimony to their benefits, which can promote healing and even help the healthiest person feel better.

Magnetic Therapy

Posted by Change Agent on 10/12/2013 to Electromagnetic Pollution
Magnetic Therapy by Curtis Bennett

"Magnetic therapy may seem like a controversial therapy, nothing could be further from the truth if the magnetism is designed responsibly. Using responsibly designed magnetics for neuropathy is a bio-medical magnetic application.

Did you know Bill Gates and Microsoft success wouldn't exist without magnetism because computers wouldn't work. An X-ray, MRI, every monitoring device in a hospital required the manipulation of a magnetic field to produce those tools.

Radio Frequency Exposure - Specific Absorption Testing Rate Method (SAR)

Posted by Thermoguy on 1/1/2012 to Electromagnetic Pollution
SAR or Specific Absorption Rate Testing Method is used to document radio frequency exposure to humans. As you can see by the link, the process used is a mannequin to probe for temperature after exposure. The SAR method is seriously limited in information, they aren't documenting true physiological changes with EMF exposure. This blog is going to show you information in the infrared spectrum that exceeded industry expertise.

Better Living Through Physics

Posted by C.L. Morgan on 9/15/2011 to New Releases

Discover the Energy behind the Sole!

Feel the POWER with magnetic energy insoles that use a patented magnetic gel technology where powerful magnets are strategically embedded into the insole arranged with overlapping magnetic fields to provide complete coverage to the entire foot. Note there are over 70,000 nerve endings in each foot. This technology is grounded in the laws of physics, backed with scientific evidence, used by thousands of individuals around the world, and developed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

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