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Community Engagement
Community Engagement

Shift2Green is committed to connecting communities with the world by engaging, educating and motivating global citizens like you into action.  In accordance with the Harwood process,  we can conduct focus group
meetings with a meaningful cross-
section of your community stakeholders to identify their aspirations resulting in a community-based action plan to achieve their goals. If you're interested in learning more just give us a call.

Reflections on Community Outreach - Rich Harwood - Part 1 & 2


Top 10 Reasons to Engage your Community2

Build Connections: Strengthen, deepen and expand your organization relationships, better connect people and resources in your community.

Advance Mission: Serve your organizations core reason for being.

Build Relevance: As you reflect your audience, their interests and aspirations, you become increasing a part of their lives and mean more to them.

Increase Value: The greater your impact on the lives of individuals in your community, the more they value your organization. The organization becomes more important to the community.

Improve Awareness: As you increase the touches the organization has with people in the community, on different platforms, you can create buzz as you extend substance.

Impact Behavior: Research shows engaging people in a meaningful way makes them 77% more likely to be involved with the station.

Strengthen Community: Bringing people together in dialogue is shown by research to increase their likelihood to become involved in their community by 44%.

Improve Solvency: Community Engagement is a high priority with many funding sources, it can bring new dollars in, increase value for underwriters, cultivate new members and increase connections with current donors

Increase Diversity:  Expand your reach, engage new audiences, develop diversity of race, background, influence, by creating opportunities and outlets to engage new populations and emerging leaders. Today’s disruptive innovators are tomorrow’s leaders.

Change Culture
: The most effective and valuable community engagement creates results from cross-functional cooperation, and encourages strategic thinking in staff involved.

2 National Center for Outreach