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Shift2Green places community at the heart of its mission; helping to make smarter choices around health and the environment, giving back to non-profits through educational outreach and fun and engaging programs, creating sustainable income opportunities and offering a variety of choices for positive impact.

Shift2GreenImage brings fresh ideas to your organization around business sustainability management and information and communication technologies (ICT) projects, designed with your organizations future in mind.

Shift2Green assists organizations in the development, implementation and support of programs that teach how to reduce environmental impact and costs; improve health and wellness; and access effective environmental and sustainability education programs.

Shift2Green works with your organization to incorporate sustainability into your core business strategies. Good for the environment, and good for the bottom line. Start planning now and position your organization to take advantage of emerging opportunities in a radically changing market environment.

FUNDRAISING & BUSINESS INCENTIVES. Our e-commerce portal supplies unique, meaningful and relevant high-quality products Made in the USA to consumers wanting to make purchases that have a social and environmental impact. Our websites chief aim is to raise awareness around today's most pressing global issues with the hope to inspire and motivate consumers to take action and make a difference in their community.

Shift2Green  supports active and passive fundraising programs or business incentive programs for all web partners.  Ideal for Schools, PTO's, Youth Groups, Sports Clubs, Church Groups and other not-for-profits.